Current Patterns

Current Patterns
All patterns are available through  To order, click on the links below each pattern description.  E-patterns are available as instant downloads.
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                 Knot Handle Reversible Tote
    This roomy tote is easy to sew, has optional pockets and is reversible, so it's like getting two bags in one!  It is a great way to show off favorite fabrics and is suitable for large scale prints.
   Finished Size: 17"x 24" including handles.
   Skill Level: Beginner
                 BH-101 Knot Handle Reversible Tote

                 Button-Down Reversible Bag
   This easy to make bag has optional
 button-on pockets and is reversible so fabric lovers can show off two favorites! 
The pattern includes"How to Quilt Your Fabric" instructions.
  Finished Size:  10"x16" including handles.
  Skill Level: Beginner
                     BH-102  Button-Down Reversible Tote
               BH-102e Button-Down Reversible Tote (e-pattern)

                 Memory Quilt
  This easy to sew wall hanging
 has a removable photo postcard
 and three variations.  The pattern includes "How to Sew a Fabric Postcard" instructions.  The easy to follow directions make this a great project for the beginning quilter.
 Finished Size: 13"x19".                     Skill Level: Beginner
   BH-103e Memory Quilt (e-pattern)

       Cape -Cod Carry-All  

This tailored bag is easy to sew and has inside pockets.  It features grommet knotted handles. Instructions for couching fiber to fabric are included.
  Finished Size: 14"x23" including handles.
 Skill Level: Beginner
    BH-104 Cape Cod Carry-All
     BH-104e Cape Cod Carry-All (e-pattern)

                   Cape Cod Mini
   This tailored bag is a smaller version
 of the Cape Cod Carry-All.  It is easy
 to sew, has inside pockets and handles
 that are adjustable with grommet ties.  Instructions for couching fiber to fabric are  included.
  Finished Size:  11 1/4"x 13 1/2"
  Skill Level: Beginner
    BH-105 Cape Cod Mini
      BH-105e Cape Cod Mini (e-pattern)


                     The E-velope
       Protect your electronic reader and tablet
      with this easy to sew padded envelope.  An
      additional pocket inside holds a pen and pad.
      Two sizes are included.
      Finished Size- ebook: 8 1/2"x 6"
                          tablet: 11"x 9"
      Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
           BH-106 The E-velope
             BH-106e The E-velope (e-pattern)

                     Chrissy's Clutch
    This stylish fold over clutch has a 
   secure zipper compartment and an easy
   to reach outer divided pocket which is 
   perfect for cell phone, keys and other
   things that you need to access quickly.
   A removable strap makes it versatile.
   Pattern includes "How to Quilt Your
   Fabric" instructions.
   Finished size: 12"x 7" without strap
   Skill Level:  Advanced Beginner
           BH-107 Chrissy's Clutch
             BH-107e  Chrissy's Clutch (e-pattern)

                  Travel Lite
   This three piece accessory set is just 
  right for keeping your gear organized for 
  travel.  The set includes: Insulated Flat
  Iron/Curling Iron Sleeve with an extra 
  pocket on the back for your brush or 
  comb.  (Finished size: 13"x 5 1/2");
  Jewelry Pouch with lots of compartments
  and an earring page and ring pillow.    (Finished Size, closed: 5 1/2"x 5 1/2");       
  Emergency Kit that rolls up for pills,
  wipes, sewing kit, etc. (Finished size,
  closed: 4"x 6")
  Pattern includes instructions for using
  1" strips or fat quarters for covers.
       BH-108 Travel Lite
       BH-108e Travel Lite (e-pattern)

        French Baguette
  Inspired by designer bags we 
saw in Paris, this stylish purse
is roomy, fully lined, has
interior pockets and a magnet 
closure.  The belts are interchangeable which makes
it functional and versatile.
Detailed instructions make the
bound belt loops a snap to sew.
Finished Size: 12"x 12" without
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
      BH-109 French Baguette
     BH-109e French Baguette (e-pattern)

             Napa Valley Picnic Tote
This insulated, roomy tote has pockets on the
outside to store picnic essentials and adjustable end pockets for wine or water bottles.  It features a wipe clean lining and includes a 40"x 40" tablecloth.
It would also make a great diaper bag!
Finished size: 17"x 13" without straps.
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
       BH-110 Napa Valley Picnic Tote