Sunday, April 3, 2016

Baby Birthday Crowns- A Cute Way to Celebrate

If you read my last post, you know that we were visiting the North Carolina coast.  We did enjoy the ocean and the coast but the primary reason for our visit was the first birthday of our twin grandchildren.  I have enjoyed making gifts for these two little darlings including Baby QuiltsA Felt Christmas Tree and Valentine Onesies.  For their first birthday, my daughter-in-law asked if I could make some small birthday crowns.  I was pleased with the result....

I decided to use felt and chose Eco-fi polyester felt which is made from recycled plastic bottles...soft on the little ones' heads and good for the environment too!

I started by drawing a pattern.  I used my 60 degree ruler from Creative Grids.  I lined up the 3 1/2" line with the bottom edge of the paper and drew lines on each side from the 2" line on each side of the ruler.

I used the edge of the ruler to make the points and drew 5 peaks.

I added a tab at the end of the row of peaks and cut out the pattern along the lines.

The felt is quite soft and I wanted to be sure that the crown wouldn't be too floppy so I fused some medium weight interfacing to one side of the white felt.

Using the pattern, I cut out two (I am sewing for two!) crowns from the interfaced felt.

I then pinned the interfaced crown with the interfacing face down to another piece of felt and sewed all the way around close to the outside edge.  This method is helpful in case their is a bit of shifting when you are sewing around the edge.  

I used my edge stitching foot to keep an even stitch close to the edge.  After stitching, I trimmed the background felt even with the interfaced crown.

I cut a 1/2' band of the contrast color and used a cookie cutter to make a pattern for the number one and again sewed close to the edges.

Finally, I formed the crown into a circle, wrapped the tab to the inside and sewed the back seam.  I sewed a soft elastic to each side by hand.  It's just that easy!  Felt works great for this project because there is no raveling and it is soft enough for the tiny ones.

I was quite pleased with the outcome and the guests of honor seemed to approve!


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