Thursday, January 14, 2016

Feed Sack Towel Pillow

Here I am, back with project #2 in my New Year's quest to complete some projects that have been hanging around for too long!

Last summer I bought this cute feed sack towel.

My goal was to make it into a pillow for the porch at our cottage (which happens to be on Lake Chautauqua).  I even pulled some fabric from my stash to use for the pillow.  That's where this project stalled.  So, today, even though I won't need it until next spring, I am finishing the pillow!

I decided to make the pillow 18" because that is the size pillow form that I had on hand.  I trimmed the towel to 14"x 14".  Because the towel fabric was so thin, I decided to interface it with  a thin,fusible craft batting.
I cut the borders 2 1/2"x 16" for the sides and 2 1/2"X 20" for the top and bottom.  I added the side strips and trimmed them even with the top and bottom of the towel square.  Then I added the top and bottom strips and trimmed them as well.

I don't like pointy corners on my pillows so I use the Dritz Home Pillow Corner Template.
I bought my template at JoAnn's but I have not seen them anywhere lately.  You can download and print your own template HERE.

I used a striped fabric for the piping and cut it on the bias so the stripe would be on the diagonal.

If you have never made piping, click HERE for no fail instructions.

 I sewed the piping to the right side of the pillow being sure to match the raw edges.

I like to put zippers in my pillow backs so there are no unsightly gaps.  I also cut my backing pieces slightly larger than they need to be and trim them later.  I cut the two pieces 18"x 14" and sewed the zipper along the 18" length of one piece and then repeated with the other piece.  If you need more help with inserting a zipper, click HERE.  

Finally, I opened the zipper partway and centered the pillow front on top of the back with right sides together.  I then pinned and stitched with a zipper foot, using the piping stitch line as a guide.  I like to stitch just a bit off the original stitching closer to the piping.  This way, the original stitching won't show when I turn the pillow right side out.  I also like to back stitch and go forward again over the zipper to reinforce it. 

Hurray!  Another project finished!

Close-up of piping.

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