Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sew a new purse for Fall- French Baguette

I just love purses- totes, clutches, cross bodies....I love them all!  I especially love when I can customize a pattern and really make it my own.  My French Baguette pattern really fits the bill if you want a bag with multiple looks.

The beauty of this bag is the belt which is interchangeable so you can make one purse and switch out the belts to match your mood.  I tend to make my bags in neutrals- brown, tan and sometimes I get crazy with a print!
Click HERE for the buckle that is pictured.
Sometimes, I don't even change the belt...I just switch out the buckle for a pin or fabric flower.

This bag looks lovely in batiks, wools and decorator prints.  The body is quilted with a light weight batting so it gathers nicely with the belt.  The buckles are not always easy to find but I have used 2" and 2 1/2" and they work just fine  Click.HERE for one that I like to use.  They only come in gold but I spray paint them.  
I also like to use vintage buttons like this one:
The button looked too small so I made a circle from the purse leather and backed the button.  Did I mention leather?!  Yes dear readers, I fell in love with this calf leather at quilt market last year and just had to try sewing with it.  It was extremely soft and sewed quite nicely.  The only cannot make ANY mistakes. Once the needle punctures the leather, there is no going back.   Needless to say, I sewed very slowly (not my usual breakneck speed).  I am pretty happy with the results.
Other leather tips- 1.  Do not use batting or attempt to quilt.
                              2.  A Teflon foot is helpful in moving the leather.
                              3.  Use a leather needle and slightly lengthen your stitch.
                              4.  For the straps- do not follow the pattern.  Just cut 4 strips the width that you 
                                   would like them.  I made mine 3/4".  Then put wrong sides together of one pair                                    and sew close to each long edge.  Repeat this with the other pair so that you end                                    up with 2 straps.  The backside of my leather was a light grey color and that 
                                   showed on the edges of my straps so I colored them with a black permanent 
Not a good photo but hopefully, you get the idea!
Here is another cool buckle that I found at JoAnn's.  I round it on the notions wall but could not locate it online..poo!

And what about the hardware?  Everything you need for this bag is available in one package from Susan Rooney Patterns and is available in nickel or antique brass.  
Everyone loves a new bag for fall so start creating and send us pictures of your masterpieces!


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