Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sewing Retreat #2- End of Summer Fun!

Back in the early Spring I posted about a retreat that I hosted for several of my sewing friends.  If you missed the details of that fun weekend, click HERE.  We had a really good time so I decided to do another retreat to celebrate the end of summer.  All of us tend to get soooo busy once Fall arrives.  I didn't have quite as much time to pull this one together but I still wanted it to be special for my friends so I put together some fun favors including a note pad for inspiration, pens and highlighters, clips for marking pages or holding patterns together and of course....some chocolate treats.

I also made quick and easy pillowcases for each of the guests and had them on their beds for an extra surprise.  The little card had a poem composed by yours truly....
As you can see, I am no Robert Frost!

Sharing is part of the fun.  We exchanged ideas, snacks and small surprises.
Monogrammed mugs filled with treats from Renee,
A clever portfolio with pockets for organizing, made from a file folder, from Ruthann
A DIY sewing table organizer kit from Karen.  We each
made one. Pattern is from The Quilt Company.                                 
  Everyone brought meals to share too.  This made it very easy for the hostess!  Look what Renee's husband dropped off on her birthday,,,,

  We worked on quite a variety of projects but there is one in particular that I wanted to share with you.  If you have not yet heard of the art quilt patterns from By MO and MIKE, you will want to check them out.  Each pattern comes with a digital image printed on cotton along with piecing instructions and free motion quilting suggestions.  If you have wanted to try art quilting but have been a bit intimidated, this is an awesome way to get started.  Check out some of these gorgeous prints.

The directions included with the digital print are well written.  My favorite part was the layering technique before quilting.  They recommend fusing Decor Bond to your cotton batting and then sandwiching as usual.  That Decor Bond really makes the finished project hang perfectly.  It also makes the quilting pop.  Such a cool idea!  Ruthann and I completed Snow Dreamin'.

I'll share some of our other projects in future posts. Stay tuned......


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