Sunday, April 12, 2015

Binding Made Easy with The Brilliant Binding Tool

One of my resolutions for 2015 was to improve my quilt bindings.  I thought that this was a more attainable goal than say... running a half marathon or giving up chocolate.  Seriously, binding has been hit or miss for me since I began quilting years ago.  I have tried many techniques and most of them worked....some of the time.  I don't want to think about how many times I have been frustrated with the results of that final quilting step.

In January, while doing my annual (should be monthly!) sewing room clean up, I came across a tool that I purchased last fall. I brought it home, put it in a spot with other rulers and tools and promptly forgot that I had bought it.  (Does this sound familiar to any of you?)  I decided that this was the time to give it a try.  It is called Brilliant Bindings by Wendt Quilting.  The copyright date is 2007 but I had never seen this tool until I saw it in a demonstration.


The packaging claims that this acrylic tool will help quilters make bindings with perfect mitered corners and no fuss end seams.  I am happy to tell you that this is one tool that lives up to its claims. I have used it on at least six projects and my bindings have never looked better.

The step by step instructions include directions for preparing double fold straight of grain and double fold bias bindings, sewing binding to the quilt, mitering corners and finishing the binding ends.  The color illustrations are very helpful in showing the use of the tool.

I found it easy to make, position and sew the binding following the instructions.
Using the handy corner mark on the tool makes marking the corners easy to miter.

The "Flip Flop" corner method results in beautifully mitered corners.

Other features of this clever tool include a 45 degree angle and markings for making the joining of the ends.  

 Check out this tool and view a video at

This is one tool that I will be keeping track of from now on!



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