Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pump Shaped Zipper Case- Clever!

So who out there does not love shoes?  Here is a super easy project that shoe lovers will adore.   I found it at Kokka Fabrics.  Kokka is a Japanese company with very original fabrics and innovative patterns.

I loved making these and thought that I would walk you through the construction.  I chose two fabrics- one for the top and bottom of the case (navy) and one for the toe and lining (yellow). You can cut all of the pieces from two rectangles 8"x 10". I traced the pattern pieces available in printable PDF form HERE and cut the pieces.  Be sure to reverse the pattern pieces when cutting the lining or do what I did and cut the pieces together with the fabric wrong sides together.  I should also mention that the measurements in the instructions are in centimeters but I just used 1/4" seams and the little case turned out just fine.

The designer at Kokka used a  canvas fabric to make her case but I was using cotton so I decided to apply DecorBond (any heavy interfacing would do) to the wrong side of the case bottom to give the case a bit more stability.

I also used a spray adhesive to attach the lining to the interfaced side so that everything would stay together when I assembled the case.

With right sides together,I sandwiched the zipper between one of the sides outer and lining and stitched.  I pressed the lining and the outer fabric back.

Then I sandwiched the zipper between the remaining two pieces of outer and lining and stitched.

I decided after making this first case that I liked the closed zipper pull to be near the heel of the shoe so in subsequent cases I put the rounded ends of the pieces toward the closed pull when I attached them to the zipper.  The next step was attaching the toe of the shoe.  I layered the two toe pieces right sides together with the assembled zipper unit sandwiched in between as shown below.  I made sure that the edges were even and stitched a 1/4" seam.  Notice that the zipper is partially open.

The toe pieces are pressed back with the extra zipper trimmed away and the top is done!
This is a photo of the lining side....somehow I forgot to photograph the right side.....
I then placed right sides together and stitched 1/4" all the way around.  Be sure to have your zipper open part way so you will be able to turn.

After stitching around the edge, I zig zagged to keep the inside from fraying.  I clipped the toe point, turned and pressed.  I added a bow and wah-la....Done!  These little darlings are like M&M's- once you start, you won't be able to stop.  Here are some others that I whipped up.
This one got a button for embellishment.

This is a great little project for using those scraps that you just can't throw away.  Wouldn't these be cute for Easter with a little treat inside?


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