Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ruffled Burlap Runner

Burlap is so popular!  There are so many neat printed burlaps and I love the texture that they bring to a tabletop!  I have used them on picnic tables and on my dining room table.  For Valentine's Day, I was thinking that I would like to make burlap a bit fancier so I decided to add ruffles.
All you will need for this one is a length of burlap to fit your table.  I started with a piece 15"x 60".  I decided to make the ruffles from muslin.

Burlap is not the easiest to sew so I decided to bind the edges with purchased binding that I had on hand.  You could easily make binding, but I wanted to get this done quickly.  I just tucked the edge of the burlap into the binding and sewed slowly using a serpentine stitch through all of the layers.

To make the ruffles, I cut 4 strips, 4 1/2"x 30".  Press these strips lengthwise with right sides together and stitch a 1/4" seam around the raw edges, leaving an 8" opening for turning.  Turn through the opening, clip the corners and press well.  Slip stitch the openings closed.

To ruffle the strips, I used a ruffler attachment.  If you don't have a ruffler, you can zigzag over a length of dental floss or embroidery floss, being careful not to let the needle pass through the floss.  Holding one end of the floss, push the fabric strip along the floss to make the ruffle.  When you have the desired length of ruffle, tack the ends over the floss to secure.

Measure 3" from the end and draw a line.  Move over 3" and draw another line.  Place the end of one of the ruffles at the edge of the runner and centered on the line.  Sew down the middle of ruffle.  Repeat with the other ruffle, centered on the 2nd line.

Repeat with the other end of the runner.  How cute is that?


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