Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pillowcase dresses- A gift that can save a life.

There are so many charities with which those of us who love to sew can be a participant.  There is Project Linus that donates blankets and quilts to children in need.  There is Quilts of Valor which supplies quilts to service men and women and veterans.  A while back, I wrote about the One Million Pillowcase Challenge which donates colorful pillowcases to children with cancer and other diseases.

One of my favorite charities for sewing involves sewing very simple "pillowcase" dresses for  little girls in impoverished nations.  Crimes against young girls in many places in the world are rampant but missionaries and aid workers have discovered that girls who are dressed well aren't as likely to be attacked.  The thinking is that criminals would rather prey on children who look like no one really cares for them.  In some areas of the world, girls do not walk to school for fear of being attacked.  By supplying a girl with one of these simple to sew dresses, we who love to make things can not only help protect a sweet young girl but also encourage her to continue her education.  What's not to love?

There are several organizations that are doing similar work but the one that I have sewn for is Little Dresses for Africa.  These pictures will warm your heart...

You can actually make these dresses from purchased pillowcases but I love to make my own pillowcases first using fun fabrics. Interested in making some pillowcases to turn into these adorable dresses?  Click HERE for my favorite roll up method.

 Directions and measurements for the dresses are on the Little Dresses for Africa website.  Click HERE for the printable directions and sizes.  The website also gives information about the organization and instructions for shipping your dresses.

  Wouldn't this be a great project for your guild or sewing group?  


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