Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 5- 12 Days of Christmas- Last Minute Quick Projects (Mini Runner)

Our project today grew out of necessity here at my house.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE decorating for Christmas? was my problem.  I have the teeniest half bathroom in the world.  I live in a 90 year old house....built long before homes included half baths. I think my half bath was at one time a tiny closet..but it works and it only takes a few minutes to clean.  But I problem?  How could I decorate this little space that my guests usually use?  About the only spot to put any kind of decoration is the back of the toilet but that porcelain is so shiny and slippery!  I decided to add a  skinny mini runner.  These little goodies are nice because they help to use up some of those strips of Christmas fabric that are too small for a large project but too good to throw away.

You can make these any length but for the toilet, I like to have a little "hangover" on each end.  For this project, we will start with a focus fabric measuring 3 1/2" x 32" .  We will also need two strips
1 1/2"x 32"for the border and a backing piece 5 1/2" x 32".  I often use a solid or muslin for the's for a bathroom!  Finally, we need a thin fusible fleece 5 1/2" x 32".

Sew one of the 1 1/2" strips right sides together to each of the long edges of the focus fabric.  Press the seams to one side.  Fold the runner wrong sides together lengthwise and press to mark the center.  Measure down from each end along the raw edges 3" and mark.  Line up your ruler with the fold at  the end with the mark.  Cut off the corners.

Open the runner and press flat. Fuse the fleece to the wrong side. Place your backing fabric right side up on your work surface.  Place the top right side down on top of the backing and pin well.  Stitch a 1/4" seam all the way around, leaving a 5" opening for turning.  Trim away the excess backing fabric and clip the corners.

Turn through the opening.  Slip stitch the opening closed.  Edge stitch all the way around the outside edge.  You could add quilting if you choose, but this is small enough that it is fine without quilting.

Now the lowly bathroom can be as festive as the rest of the house!  Of course these minis can be used in other small places that need a little something extra.

Here's another shorter version that I made from a cute piece of fabric that a friend shared with me.

Tune in tomorrow for more fun!


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