Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 4- 12 Days of Christmas Last Minute Quick Projects (Firewood Carrier)

 Day four and counting!  Today, I thought that we would think about making something for the guys.  In our house, my husband is in charge of the firewood and the fireplace so I think that this firewood carrier could be just the thing for him.  I wanted something that would be washable because that firewood can be messy!

This project might mean a trip to the fabric store but after a few days of sewing, we all need to get out for a bit.  Even though you may need to purchase some items, this is still a fast project because it is a flat assembly and all straight sewing.  

Here's what you need:
                             3/4 yard of heavy denim
                             3/4 yard of canvas
                             3 1/2 yards of 1 1/2" webbing to coordinate with the denim
                             Denim needles and cotton thread to match

Let's get started...
1. From the denim fabric, cut one piece 23"x 36".  Do the same from the canvas piece.

2. Fold the denim fabric in half matching the 23" sides.  Measure in 6" from each corner and make a 
    mark.  Measure down from each corner 7" and make another mark.  Using your ruler, connect the 
   marks and cut the corners away.

3. Place your canvas piece Right Side Up on your work surface.  Place your denim piece 
    Right Side Down on top of the canvas, matching the edges.  Trim away the excess canvas at the 
    corners and pin well.  

4. Stitch all the way around the outer edge taking a 1/2" seam allowance and leaving an 8" opening 
    on one side for turning.  Clip the corners and turn through the opening.  Press well. Pin the opening

5. Starting near the opening where you did the turning, stitch close to the edge all the way around.  
    To reinforce the edge, I stitched all the way around again, about 1/4" from the original edge 
Sorry that this is so was a very gloomy day today-  no natural light!
6. Fold the carrier in half with the canvas to the inside to measure 22"x 17".  Press with a hot iron to 
    crease the bottom center. Fold your strap in half and mark the center with a pin  Measure in 6 "        along the ironed crease and place one end of the webbing and pin.  Measuring in 6 " as you go,      pin the strap until you reach the edge.  Match the center pin on the strap with the crease on the            other side and measuring 6" in from the opposite edge.  Continue pinning, being                            careful not to twist the strap.  Butt the end of the strap against the starting edge.  Stitch all the way      around close to the strap edge.  For extra durability, Stitch an X and box near the top of each strap.
It's hard to see but the pin at the middle of the strap is lined up
with the fold on the bottom of the left strap.
This insures that your straps will be the same length.

Your tote is done! Total time to make this was 90 minutes.  For a printable version of this project, click HERE.   Tomorrow....another quick and easy project!


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