Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 3- 12 Days of Christmas Last Minute Quick Projects (Reversible Cowl)

Today's project is a super simple reversible fleece cowl neck scarf. (Wow!  That's a mouthful!)  You will literally be able to make these in minutes and still have time for baking, wrapping, etc.

All you need for this project are two pieces of coordinating fleece.  I made my pieces 10"x 30".  Cut them longer if you want your cowl to have more drape.
Every sewing enthusiast needs a scissors scarf!
With right sides together sew the 10" ends together on each of the strips.

 You will now have two cowls.  Place the two cowls right sides together one inside the other, match the seams and pin one of the raw edges.  Sew all the way around the pinned edge. Open and fold wrong sides together.

 Turn under 1/2" on each of the remaining fabrics, matching the folds and pin well.

I finished this edge two different ways. I machine stitched the edge on one cowl.  It was okay but I wasn't thrilled with the stitching showing.
Machine stitching on the gray and purple, hand stitching on the yellow.
 On the second, I slip stitched the edge.  I like this finish better and the hand stitching only took me 10 minutes.
 You are done!!  I told you that this was an easy one! Time to complete this one was 45 minutes including the hand work. Wouldn't these be cute downsized for the little ones on your list?

See you tomorrow for another goodie!


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