Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 11- 12 Days of Christmas- Last Minute Quick Projects (Santa Belt Pillow)

On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....11 pipers piping...  Here we are on day 11 with no pipers in sight but we do have a Santa belt pillow.

For a printable version of this pattern click HERE.

You will need 1/2 yard, red fabric- cut 2 pieces:  6 1/2"x 16"
                                                         cut 2 pieces: 11"x 16"
You will also need 1 piece of black fabric- 4 1/2"x 16" and
                               1 piece of yellow fabric 5"x 5".
A 16" pillow form
A piece of paper backed fusible web- 5"x 5"
2 black buttons
68" piping (optional)

Start by sewing one red 6 1/2" x 16" to each edge of the black 4 1/2"x 16" piece.  Press the seams toward the black.
Fuse the paper backed web to the wrong side of the yellow square.  Fold the square right sides together and draw a line 1" in from each raw edge.
Cut on the lines you drew and open.  Remove the paper backing and fuse to the pillow front.
Using a zig zag or buttonhole stitch, sew around the raw edge of the buckle.
If you are adding piping, sew it to the right side of the pillow front.  For piping instructions, click HERE.
Press under 1/2" on the long edge of each of the back pieces.  Press well.  Turn under again and press.
Stitch close to the folded edge.

Place the pillow front right side up on your work surface.  Layer the back pieces on top, right side down with all raw edges even.  Pin well
.  Stitch a 1/2" seam all the way around the outside edge.  Trim the corners and turn right side out.  Sew the 2 buttons, centered above the buckle.

Insert the pillow form and HO HO HO ...your pillow is complete!
One more day to go!  Hope you can stop by tomorrow for day 12!


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