Saturday, October 11, 2014

Charger Wallet- Corral those cords!

I don't know about you, but one of my pet peeves is charger cords.  I have trouble keeping track of them...especially when I travel.  No matter how hard I try, they always end up in a tangled mess in my carry-on or suitcase.  Sooo...I decided to make a wallet to keep all those pesky cords in order.  It's a quick and easy project and is fat quarter friendly.

All you need is two coordinating fat quarters, one small piece of cotton fusible batting, a 10"x 3/4" piece of Velcro and a 20" piece of grosgrain ribbon (3/4" or 1 inch wide).

Cut an 8"x 13" piece for your outer fabric and a piece of batting the same size.  Fuse the batting to the wrong side of the fabric.

Quilt through both layers as desired.

Trim this piece to 7"x 12" and mark the midpoint on each end.  Cut your ribbon piece in half and place one piece on each end.  Sew these in place.

Cut a 7"x 12" piece from the complimenting fabric for the lining.  Place the quilted piece right sides together with the lining and stitch 1/4" all the way around, leaving a 3" opening for turning.  Turn through the opening, press well and slip stitch the opening closed.

With the lining side up, place one half of the Velcro piece centered and stitch close to the edges.

Cut a strip from the remaining fabric, 3"x 11".  Fold each end in 1/4" and press well.  Fold the strap in lengthwise to measure 1 1/2"x 10 1/2".  Press.  Open and press the long edges in toward the original crease and press again  Fold along the original crease to measure 3/4"x 10 1/2".  Place the other piece of Velcro on this strip and stitch close to the edges.

Attach the loose Velcro strap to the strip on the wallet and stitch through all layers in the center.
These little cuties can be made with a pieced outer cover or could be trimmed with pretty ribbon or rickrack.  Here are some others that I made.

For the free pattern download, click HERE.  Have fun!


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