Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rotary Cutter Review- Which one is right for you?

Since 1979 when Olfa introduced the first rotary cutter, we quilters have been hooked.  The whole art of quilting was revolutionized with this innovation.  If you are like me, you may be stuck in a rut- using that same old cutter that you started with years ago.  I decided to take a look at some of these cool tools to see what is new.  Here is what I found:

Since Olfa started it all, I decided to start with this Quick blade change version.  I always take my cutter apart and then am not sure how to put it all back together again so this one intrigues me.
You just release the blade by sliding the tab on the handle.  Genius!  I comes in 45mm or 60mm.
Olfa also has a nifty rotary circle cutter that uses 18mm blades and cuts circles 1 1/2"- 8 3/4".  How handy would this be for applique or curved quilt patterns?

Fiskars has long been associated with rotary cutters.  Their Titanium Softgrip boasts a longer blade life and comfortable grip for right or left handers.
They also make these very affordable and pretty Floral Stick Rotary Cutters.

The Cutting Edge Ruler and Rotary Cutters from Sullivan are an interesting idea.  The rotary cutters have SK2 steel blades which the company claims are stronger than other blades and the rulers all have 650 grit diamond carbide edges ...sooo... you sharpen your blade each time you cut.  

I have been devoted to Gingher since my mom bought me my first pair of dressmaking shears so I was interested to see what they had to offer in the rotary cutting line.  Their cutters come for left or right handers and are classy looking with a nickle finish.  I love that it comes in its own tin with lid for storage.  

The Grace Company offers the True Cut Comfort Cutter.  The angle of the handle gives you more force on the blade so you can cut with less effort.  It comes in three sizes: 28mm, 45mm and 60mm with a blade that can be placed on either side of the cutter so lefties and righties can both be comfortable.  Another neat feature is that the plastic over the name plate on the side lifts up so you can personalize your cutter with your name or a piece of fabric. Cool!
No rotary review would be complete without showing the Omnigrid Pressure Sensitive Rotary Cutter.  This would definitely be my choice for a young sewer who was just learning rotary cutting.  As soon as you lift the cutter from the mat, the blade retracts so there is no chance of accidentally touching the blade.

I also think this Omnigrid Gear Cutter Case is dandy.  You just never have too many cases..right?
And now...for those of you who like to have the latest and greatest in their sewing kit...the 
Imaginisce CutBright LED lighted rotary cutter that works well for cutting dark fabric in low light.  A cutter with a headlight..Neat!
With so many choices, there is sure to be a rotary cutter that is just right for you!  


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