Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's trending? Quilt Market 2014

Greetings from Pittsburg and The International Quilt Market!  This is my first trip to Quilt Market and I have to say that I have been in heaven!

I could go on and on but have decided to give you a glimpse of what seems to be trending in the quilting world so get ready to feast your eyes on some beautiful displays!  Tradition is a big part of quilting and there were plenty of  traditional quilts, fabrics and patterns from which to choose.

I love the traditional stuff but I was really blown away with the fresh clean lines of the modern movement.  Beautiful!!!!
This will be a free pattern from Bonnie Christine when the fabric is released this summer.
I love the giant ball fringe!
Check out the new twist on the pennant at the top of this cutey.

Lots of garments on display.  Love this 50's inspired dress with the Peter Pan collar!
Lovely use of color.  Such texture!
Colors for spring include brights....

And lots of pastel corals, turquoise, blues, pinks and greens...soooo pretty!

As you can see, gray is still the most popular neutral.  
The displays were works of art.  It's hard to believe that these are put up in just hours.  I just stood and stared...and drooled....
A wall of giant yoyo's

I loved the little campfire and the tufted sleeping bag!

Cherie by Frances Newcombe from Art Gallery Fabrics...I will be getting me some of
this fabric when it becomes available in July!
Such a gorgeous display!

I loved the Cotton and Steel wall.  So innovative!
Dill Buttons' colorful display.
Loved this sweet vintage sewing machine and collection!
Need trims?
My personal favorite?  Eclectic Elements from Tim Holtz.
I have loved his paper crafting supplies forever and now he has an awesome
fabric line!  Can't wait till it arrives in my local fabric shop!
Other trends that I noticed?  Woodland creatures are still popular...

Along with so many pretty fabrics and patterns for babies and children...
How cute are these bunnies on onesies from Dear Stella?
Studio 37  from Marcus Fabrics
 I know this post has gone on and on but I just need to show you a couple more of my favorites....
I had to make this photo big so you could see the adorable details.

Aren't these colors amazing together?  I loved the
painted antlers below the quilt.
Are you inspired yet? I can't wait to get into the sewing room and get started!  How about you?


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Super Easy Pillowcases

Many of you may already know of this really neat roll-up method for making pillowcases but I was thinking about it over the weekend because I wanted to make my mom some satin pillowcases for Mother's Day.  I bought my satin last week but didn't buy enough...I should NOT trust my memory when buying fabric!  Anyway, I delivered them to Mom tonight and thought that some of you might not know of this easy method it is:   For the Roll It Up pattern, click HERE.  You really can make a pillowcase in about 30 minutes!

There are several sites with directions and tutorials online but this one is my favorite.  It is also a PDF so you can print it out and file it with your other patterns.  Once you start making these, you will not want to stop so how about some inspiration...  You can never have too many dots...

Applique and embroidery are a great way to personalize a gift.

Vintage fabrics are always fun.

If you really get into making these quick and easy pillowcases and would like to do something nice for charity, you can join The American Patchwork and Quilting"s 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge and make pillowcases for kids in need.

You can make the basic pillowcase pattern or you can get fancy with over 40 other patterns like these:

If you are interested in joining the movement click HERE and spread some smiles!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Vintage Buckles- So fun!

 While tidying up my sewing room closet this week, I came across my box of vintage buckles that I have been collecting. I was never sure about what I was going to do with them, but knew that I think of something someday....hmmmm....what could I make?

I know! Some napkin rings!  At first,  I was going to use a mix of colors but I was having trouble finding a fabric that I thought would look good so I chose this nautical fabric and some blue and black buckles.  I thought these would make cute rings for our lake cottage.
    I decided that I wanted my rings to be 1 1/4" wide (to fit in my buckles) and about 5 1/2" around so I cut four pieces 5"x 7".  I didn't want my rings to be wimpy so I cut four pieces of medium weight interfacing 6"x 1 1/4".
    I folded each of the short ends in 1/2" and pressed.
 Then I folded it in half lengthwise with wrong sides together to measure 2 1/2"x 6" and pressed.  I opened it and placed the interfacing along the crease.
 The next step was to fold the raw edges in to the crease and press.  One more fold along the original center crease and I was ready to edge stitch along each long edge.
 I threaded my fabric through the buckle, overlapped it by about 1/2" and slip stitched the back.  Done!

 After completing the first set, I decided I could close the back with Velcro so the buckles would be interchangeable.  I am thinking of making some Napa Valley Picnic Totes for wedding shower gifts this spring and think I will add some of these napkin rings.
    I also had some neat fabric left from my pillow project that I thought would look good with these brown buckles so I made some more.

  How about some vintage lace for this sweet look?

But what if you don't have any of these dandy vintage buckles?  No problem!  They are almost always available in flea markets.  I have also found them at estate sales, in vintage and antique stores and on ebay. Once you start looking for them, you will be amazed at how many you find.  There are also great new buckles available in the notions departments at fabric stores so you will be able to make loads of these quick and easy cuties.  Have fun!