Saturday, April 5, 2014

Egg Mug Mats- An easy scrap buster!

It's April!  My tulips are starting to pop up!  The snow is gone...except for a few mounds that refuse to give up...  I found this cute pattern for egg mug mats at the split stitch.  You probably don't even need the pattern because even I can draw an egg, but the pattern is there if you need it.  Here is Sara's mat:

So cute with that drizzle of jam on the bread!  I need to work on my are some mats that I made:
Sara did a cute fancy back on her mats by doing a running embroidery stitch. 
 I just used muslin.  She also quilted her pieces which I might do if I made some more but for today I didn't 
think quilting was necessary.  For Sara's complete instructions click HERE.  For the 15 minute version, just follow along.  I already had some stripped fabric left over from a Knot Handle Reversible Tote that I had made earlier.
I set my pattern on the diagonal and cut out my egg shapes.  I decided to use InsulBrite as my batting so that I had a bit more protection in case I put a really hot mug on this mat. Plus, I had some small pieces of InsulBrite leftover from the construction of a Napa Valley Picnic Tote that I just finished. I used the egg pattern to cut the Insulbrite to size.

I did my mug back differently than Sara. I like to do my turning from the back, especially if it is a small project like this one so this is what I did.  I cut my muslin into two pieces.
Then I put these two piece right sides together and sewed them back together leaving a 3" opening in the middle.  I pressed the seam to one side.  I placed this right side up with the pieced egg right side down on top.  Finally I put the batting egg on top of the pieced egg.  It looked like this:
I stitched all the way around.  No need to leave an opening on the edge because we will turn through the gap that we left on the back.
I trimmed away the excess backing and clipped the mama taught me to always clip the curves!
Next, I turned it through the opening and pressed well.  I edge stitched around the outer edge and slip stitched the opening in the back closed....although I have been known to use fabric glue or Stitch Witchery to close these kinds of openings.....
Anyway, I think these are really cute.  I am thinking of enlarging the pattern, adding a layer of cotton batting and making some hot pads for my table.  And version of the artsy shot....
Have fun making some of these quick and easy mats and be sure to check out Sara's blog at the split stitch.  You will love her stuff!


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