Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Last minute table runner- free pattern

Are you getting nervous because the holidays are coming so quickly?  Are all those ideas for projects still on the cutting table with no hopes of being completed?  I know the feeling!  Sometimes I just long for a quick and easy project that looks good when it is finished.  I don't want to give a gift that looks like I just threw it together.  With that in mind...

The Last Minute Table Runner

This little runner is quick to make and is a free pattern!  Start with three different fabrics.

Cut the center panel according to the dimensions in the pattern.  For this focus fabric, I left a 1/4" edge to account for the seam allowance.

Add the end strips and cut the triangles for the ends.

Place the completed top and the backing piece right sides together and sew around the outside edge, leaving an opening for turning.  Clip corners, turn, press and slip stitch the opening closed.  Edge stitch around the outer edge.

For you free pattern check under the free pattern tab on this site, download and start sewing!


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